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Our journeys

The journeys of Nuacas are distinguished by their focus on the rural life of the Sukuma and Zinza tribes near Lake Victoria. Part of the journey will always take place in this area and are always organized in collaboration with the local population.

In addition, Nuacas wants to make travel to Tanzania accessible to everyone. Not just expensive package tours where people look for the 'big-five' in the game parks of Tanzania, but a good balance between culture, nature and relaxation.

Traveling with Nuacas is experiencing what living and working in Tanzania means for the people themselves.

Our journeys

Daytrips in and around Sengerema

Daytrips in and around Sengerema

12-day Budget Friendly Trip

12 days Tanzania for a reasonable price

Tailor made - Tours

At Nuacas you can design your own tour in Tanzania.

Culture-nature-sun and sea

Culture-nature-sun and sea: the possibilities in Tanzania

Enjoy Tanzania from within

We all know Africa from stories about nature and safaris. While these aspects of Africa are beautiful and worth visiting, there is another side. Come and join us in enjoying Africa from within; meet its people, culture, food and customs...

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Igogo B, Sengerema (TZ)
Bartlehiem 53, Wyns (NL)
+255 768 637 762 (TZ)
+31 623 747 767 (NL)

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